The All-New Countryman


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internal combustion engine


rotational force


0-60 mph acceleration

3,500 LBS

estimated towing capacity


intelligent all-wheel drive



Front view of a MINI Countryman S ALL4 parked in a parking lot in front of a striped wall, with a fisheye view of a man in a brown sweater standing next to it.

A bigger dose of MINIness

Behold the ultimate adventurer. The all-new Countryman is a super-sized sequel to our original Countryman, with up to 25% more cargo space and charismatic simplicity that’s built for tomorrow but very much ready for today.

Closeup view of the MINI Countryman S ALL4 dashboard and 9.4” round center information OLED display with Spike on the screen.

Spike – MINI’s Intelligent Personal Assistant

A vibrant, stimulating ride is underscored by community and friendship. Spike is your wingman performing functions as MINI’s Personal Assistant, actioning travel-based requests like temperature control or directions on the cloud-based navigation system.

Closeup view of the 9.4” round centerinformation OLED display in a MINI Countryman S ALL4.

The immersive MINI Interaction Unit

We’re taking a quantum leap into the digital age with the MINI Interaction Unit, bringing an immersive interior experience through unmistakable sound design and a fresh interpretation of the signature interior lighting.

Closeup view of the dashboard and 9.4” round center information OLED display in a MINI Countryman S ALL4, from the perspective of the front passenger’s seat.

An industry-first 9.4” round OLED display.

The circle is at the heart of our design heritage, starting with a first-in-industry 9.4” round center information display in OLED technology that’s brought to life with a brand-new MINI Operating System 9.

Spike is standing by ready for action. MINI’s Intelligent Personal Assistant is our first full-capability voice assistant, using two microphones to detect speaking. It can be activated with a “Hey MINI” greeting or the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel.

The interior is jazzed up with eight different Experience Modes, blending color patterns with light projections on the dashboard to create a vivid moment for any type of mood.

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The bold exterior is encapsulated by a reduction to the essentials. It’s instantly identifiable as a MINI, from the circular headlights and radiator grille at the front all the way to the light graphic at the rear.

An athletic vehicle body is headlined by 19” Kaleido Spoke 2-tone wheels to complement the flush door handles and tight surfaces.

This is the most grown-up MINI ever with almost 2.5 more inches in height and over 5 more inches in length. A slim yet spacious dashboard takes on a minimalist approach to form, with a sports steering wheel featured alongside a centrally-positioned speedometer and bar of toggle switches.

The classic Vescin Vintage Brown interior harks back to our origins. A warm and luxurious textile aesthetic softens the seating, while 2D-knit surfaces and chrome-free design elements remain easy to clean.



What are the new features on the all-new MINI Countryman S ALL4?
New features on the all-new MINI Countryman S ALL4 include a 9.4” round OLED display with a refreshing user interface design, MINI Operating System 9 optimized for touch control and developed in-house by the BMW Group, MINI’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, and eight MINI Experience Modes which use light projections to set the stage for an immersive driving experience.
The exterior features 19” Kaleido Spoke 2-tone wheels in Jet Black and Vibrant Silver, along with a prominent C- pillar design element and power dome on the front hood. The interior features a Vescin Vintage Brown colorway and surfaces knitted with a unique 2D technique
What is the all-new MINI Countryman S ALL4’s towing capacity?
The all-new MINI Countryman S ALL4’s towing capacity is an estimated 3,500 pounds. The available factory- installed trailer hitch, new for the U.S. market, is stabilized with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) to detect swaying.
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