Electric vehicle charging

Are you looking to upgrade your Minnetonka commute with an efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle? A MINI Cooper electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid like the MINI Countryman PHEV could be an ideal choice. These two types of electric vehicles can help you not only save on fuel costs, but also help to reduce your carbon footprint. So, what’s the difference between BEV vs. PHEV? Find out what each of these electric vehicle options have to offer, then visit Motorwerks MINI in Golden Valley to test drive one of our electrified MINI Cooper models today!



What is a PHEV?

Hybrid vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine paired with an electric motor. What is a hybrid? A conventional hybrid uses both gas power and electric power interchangeably, and recharges itself via technologies such as regenerative braking. What is a PHEV? A PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that can travel short distances solely on electric power. Since plug-in hybrid electric vehicles come with a larger and more powerful battery than a conventional hybrid, they need to be re-charged via an external power source such as a home charging station or a public charging station. The gas-powered engine in a PHEV can essentially work as a backup, taking over when the battery becomes depleted. This backup can help to relieve the range anxiety that some St Louis Park drivers have when weighing the differences between PHEV vs. BEV.

What is a BEV?

If your goal is to eliminate reliance on gasoline altogether, then you’ll want a BEV. What is a BEV? A BEV is a battery electric vehicle that is equipped with a larger motor and battery pack than what’s offered in a PHEV. The key difference between BEV vs. PHEV is that a BEV runs on electricity alone and produces zero emissions. Some of the benefits of electric cars include:

  • Electric cars don’t have an exhaust system, so they eliminate hazardous emissions
  • A BEV won’t require engine oil, so there’s no need for oil changes
  • You’ll enjoy a quieter and more serene ride on the roads in and around Minneapolis due to the fact that an EV doesn’t have an internal combustion engine
  • Today’s BEVs are capable of producing near-instantaneous torque, so you can still enjoy quick acceleration on Golden Valley-area highways
  • Many BEV models are eligible for a federal and/or state tax credit

Compare MINI Cooper PHEV vs. BEV Models at Motorwerks MINI

What is BEV? What is a PHEV? Now that you’ve reviewed our PHEV vs. BEV comparison, head on down to our Golden Valley dealership and check out our electrified MINI Cooper models in person. Don’t forget to browse our new vehicle specials to find out how much you can save on your new PHEV or BEV. Why wait? Contact us to schedule a test drive of a MINI PHEV or BEV today! Meanwhile, take a look at the MINI Cooper SE Electric Hardtop 2-Door charging times to learn more.


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