Do MINI Coopers Have Bluetooth?

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Many new vehicles of all different makes and models have ways to pair a phone to a car, but what about MINI Cooper vehicles? Learn how you can access MINI Cooper Apple CarPlay features and Bluetooth connectivity with Motorwerks MINI, so you can make those Minnetonka road trips more enjoyable. Feel free to visit our service center for any other questions regarding your MINI Cooper vehicle’s functions. 

MINI Cooper Bluetooth 

Not only do MINI Coopers have Bluetooth, but the process of connecting your phone to your MINI Cooper is super simple. Here’s how to pair your phone to your car using Bluetooth: 

  1. Open the “Setup” option in the home menu. 
  2. Select the “Settings” button. 
  3. Select the “Bluetooth” button. 
  4. Hit “Phone.” 
  5. Select “Pair new phone.” 
  6. Select “Start pairing.”

Once you’ve completed the above process, your phone should be connected to your MINI Cooper. 

MINI Cooper Apple CarPlay 

The MINI Cooper Apple CarPlay feature allows you to stream your favorite tunes or podcasts on the St Louis Park roads without messing with a single wire. Here’s how to connect: 

  1. On the menu, hit the icon that looks like a phone. 
  2. Hit the “Manage mobile devices” button. 
  3. Select “Connect new device.” 
  4. Hit “Apple CarPlay.” 
  5. Hit “Confirm.”

After hitting “Confirm,” you’ve successfully paired your phone to your car. For any questions or concerns related to the connecting process, reach out to our staff team at Motorwerks MINI. 

MINI Cooper USB/Aux Port

You can also pair your phone to your car by using your USB or auxiliary ports. Simply plug one end of the cord into your phone, and then plug the other end of the cord into the USB or auxiliary port. Want to learn more about your MINI Cooper and what it can do? Visit our service team or our parts department at Motorwerks MINI in Golden Valley for all of your questions regarding your MINI Cooper. 

Connect to Your MINI Cooper With Motorwerks MINI

Contact us to learn more about how to pair your phone to your car and anything else you need to know about your MINI Cooper. Let us make it easier to stay connected on your next Minneapolis road trip.


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