MINI Cooper Engine Oil Changes in Golden Valley

Car servicing mechanic pouring fresh oil to engine

Our trusted MINI service center is the best place to secure a MINI Cooper oil change near St Louis Park. Your MINI is a precision machine, and our trained and certified technicians know exactly how to maintain it according to manufacturer standards. We even offer rotating oil change coupons and service specials to help you save! In this guide from our service team, we’ll take a look at:

  • MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost
  • MINI Cooper Oil Change Frequency
  • MINI Cooper Oil Type
  • MINI Cooper Oil Filter
  • MINI Cooper Oil Capacity

If it turns out that you’re due for your next MINI Cooper oil change in Golden Valley, schedule an appointment with us today!

How Much Does a MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost?

MINI Cooper oil change costs generally fall between $150 and $190, with roughly equal shares of the price going to parts and to labor. Costs will vary from model to model, so give us a call at (507) 646-9293 for a precise estimate of current prices and wait times.

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change for Your MINI?

Your owner’s manual will include a model-specific recommendation, but all vehicles in the MINI lineup should receive an oil change roughly once every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. How often should you get an oil change on a yearly basis? Since most of our neighbors travel around 12,000 miles per year, most drivers get a MINI Cooper oil change two to three times over the same period.

Note that oil will break down in your engine over time, even if it isn’t being used. If you only drive your MINI occasionally, it’s still a good idea to come in twice a year. We can check your remaining battery life and fluid levels while you’re here.

What is the MINI Cooper Oil Type?

The recommended MINI Cooper oil type is SAE 0W-30. This is a full-synthetic oil, designed to stay cleaner, perform better at high temperatures, and last longer than conventional motor oil. Making sure that you only use the recommended MINI Cooper oil type will ensure that your MINI will always run smoothly at peak performance levels on Minneapolis-area roads.

When Should You Change a MINI Cooper Oil Filter?

Your MINI Cooper oil filter helps remove contaminants from the oil that can accumulate over time. It is important that you have your MINI Cooper oil filter replaced with every oil change. If you plan on changing the oil yourself, you can find the appropriate MINI Cooper oil filter in the parts department at Motorwerks MINI.

What is the MINI Cooper Oil Capacity?

The MINI Cooper oil capacity is not listed in your owner’s manual. That being said, the MINI Cooper oil capacity is typically 4.8 to 5.8 quarts depending on the engine type. To get an accurate estimate contact our service team with the VIN of your MINI model.

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Still wondering, “Where can I get an oil change near Golden Valley?” There’s no substitute for certified service or genuine parts. While an independent or third-party service center may promise a lower price, they aren’t equipped to offer you the same level of care. What’s more, we can get you in and out quickly. We’re easy to reach from anywhere near Minnetonka and our skilled technicians can handle all of your MINI Cooper maintenance needs, so come see us today!

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