Do MINI Coopers Have Spare Tires?

2022 MINI Cooper Countryman Wheel

Given the compact size of a MINI, it’s not uncommon for drivers to ask, “Do MINI Coopers have spare tires?” It’s a tricky question since some MINI Cooper models come with a spare tire and others are equipped with run-flat tires instead. Learn more about MINI tires, the MINI Cooper spare tire location, and more in this guide from Motorwerks MINI. Then visit our dealership in Golden Valley to explore our new MINI Cooper inventory today!

MINI Cooper Spare Tire Location

Some MINI vehicles come with a micro space-saver spare tire. If your MINI Cooper has a spare tire, where exactly is it? The MINI Cooper spare tire location is under the rear of the car. Here’s how to access the spare tire:

  1. Remove the trunk floor trim panel
  2. Remove the lowering handle and the socket tool from the tool tray
  3. Remove the tool tray to access the spare tire carrier securing assembly
  4. Remove the cover securing nut using the socket tool
  5. Thread the lowering handle onto the carrier stud
  6. Pull up the lowering tool and pinch the locking clip
  7. Lower the spare tire carrier using the lowering handle
  8. Pull the carrier tray and the spare tire out from under the vehicle

Note that these micro space-saver spares should not be driven at speeds over 50 mph and for not more than 70 miles. 

MINI Cooper Run-Flat Tires

Many new MINI Cooper models feature run-flat tires instead of carrying a spare. Run-flat tires are manufactured to maintain pressure even after a puncture, and while they are more durable than a micro space-saver tire, they will only remain inflated for about 50 miles following a puncture.

You should always pay attention to your tire pressure monitor (TPMS). If it shows that the pressure is low, stop the vehicle and inspect the tires. If there is a visible puncture on your run-flat tire, you should head to our Minnetonka-area service center to have it replaced right away.

Get Expert MINI Cooper Tire Care Today at Motorwerks MINI

Whether you need new tires for your MINI Cooper in St Louis Park or are due for your next tire rotation near Minneapolis, the certified technicians at Motorwerks MINI are here to help. Schedule an appointment with us online and put our team to work for you today! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our service center.



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