MINI Cooper Apple CarPlay® User Guide

All the models in our new MINI Cooper inventory here at Motorwerks MINI come loaded with the latest tech features that will keep you connected, entertained, and informed of Minnetonka-area roads and beyond. Smartphone integration is just one of the many features that make life more convenient for MINI Cooper drivers. With Apple CarPlay®, MINI Cooper owners can:

  • Access iPhone apps like iTunes, Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify through the MINI Cooper touch-screen
  • Make hands-free phone calls
  • Send messages
  • Access navigation with voice commands using Siri

Whether you drive a brand new MINI Cooper or an older, pre-owned MINI Cooper Clubman or used Countryman with Apple CarPlay® compatibility, this guide from our team of experts will help you take full advantage of all that your iPhone has to offer.

How to Connect to MINI Cooper Apple CarPlay®

Most new MINI Cooper models feature wireless Apple CarPlay® so you don’t have to access the USB port at all. To connect Apple CarPlay® in a MINI Cooper you’ll need to have

An iPhone 5 or newer device with iOS 9 or a newer operating system. Before you begin, ensure CarPlay® and Siri are enabled on your iPhone. Then, on your iPhone, go to Settings > Siri & Search, and turn Siri on. The following steps will show you how to connect your phone to your MINI Cooper with either the USB port or wirelessly:

Connect Apple CarPlay® with USB Port

  1. Plug your phone into the CarPlay® USB port, which should be labeled with the CarPlay® logo using an Apple-approved Lightning-to-USB cable. The USB port should be located in the center console.
  2. When prompted about using Apple CarPlay® on your MINI Display Audio screen, select OK.
  3. Your Apple iPhone and MINI are now connected via Apple CarPlay®. Press the CarPlay® button on your MINI Connected screen to switch to Apple CarPlay® whenever your iPhone is connected through the USB.

Connect Wireless Apple CarPlay®

  1. Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone and go to the MY MINI main menu in your MINI Cooper infotainment system.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Select Mobile Devices.
  4. Select Connect New Device.
  5. Then under Select Function, touch Apple CarPlay®.
  6. Press Confirm on the next prompt: “When using Apple CarPlay®, vehicle data will be sent to your device.”
  7. Go to Settings and then Bluetooth®.
  8. Select your vehicle name, which usually starts with “MINI”, on your iPhone’s Bluetooth® discovery list.
  9. A Bluetooth® Pairing Request pop-up will appear on your iPhone with a pin code. Make sure it matches the code displayed on your MINI Cooper infotainment screen and then press OK in your vehicle, also press Pair on your iPhone.
  10. Then touch the “Allow Contacts and Favorites Sync” prompt on your iPhone if you want to access your phone contacts via Apple CarPlay® in your MINI Cooper.
  11. After a few seconds, a prompt will automatically appear on your iPhone: Use CarPlay with Mini?. Touch Use CarPlay. Accept Apple CarPlay® terms and conditions in the vehicle, if any appear.
  12. A message “Connecting to Apple CarPlay®” will appear and then CarPlay® will launch on the touchscreen.

MINI Cooper Cars with Apple CarPlay®

So, what are the MINI Cooper cars with Apple CarPlay®? All new 2023 MINI Cooper models come standard with Apple CarPlay®. If you are looking at purchasing a pre-owned MINI Cooper the following list will show which models come with Apple CarPlay® integration:

Find a MINI Cooper with Apple CarPlay® at Motorwerks MINI!

Should you run into any problems connecting your MINI Cooper Apple CarPlay®, contact the team at Motorwerks MINI. Our experts will be happy to help you fully enjoy Apple CarPlay®, your MINI Cooper Bluetooth® capability, and more. We want you to have access to all that your MINI Cooper has to offer when you’re cruising the roads in and around St Louis Park and Minneapolis, so come see us today!


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